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5 Ways To Help Your Business Grow

by / Wednesday, 07 June 2017 / Published in News

Do you own or operate a thriving business with strong roots? Has your organization been around for 10+ years, but you’re still carefully managing costs and tweaking operations? Streamlining your expenses is a great way to keep your company flowing through its next phase of growth.

Managing expectations and making decisions for your operations.  We always see articles that say, “Work on your business, not in your business.” Sometimes it is hard to say what this truly means. Sure, you can avoid everyday operations, but at some level you will always be making decisions for the betterment of your company. Inevitably, you will need to know exactly how things work and what needs improvement. You may even have to work in each department for a time to move things along in the right direction. So, we decided to give you a jump on your assessments. Here are 5 great ways to help you sail though the next ten years of growth.

Simple solutions to help you focus on growth. 
We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in every phase of growth from the small two-man shows on up to the
corporate level. Here are a few things we’ve learned that will help you make it though the teen years.
1. Make sure you can get the work done. 
Your biggest resource is your staff. Unfortunately, their productivity is a balancing act. The general rule of thumb states if they are only 50% utilized they are bored, if they are 100% utilized they are stressed, but if you can keep your employees at about 80% they are productive and feel accomplished. The trouble is, your technology must support this trend as well.  Inconsistent access to files, programs, or even just the Internet can cause major disruptions for workflow and ultimately cost you a lot of money. Your staff are only as good as the tools they use to complete their tasks.
2. Be ready to expand with scalable resources. 
No, we’re not saying you should have a dozen extra desks piled high in a spare office, we’re talking about your files, programs, and devices. Some solutions limit you to the number of users, the amount of space, or even the times for support should the need arise. Make sure, you are covered on all fronts with solutions that grow with you painlessly.
3. Don’t leave security behind. 
As any good father knows, young ones cannot survive without their special something. Regardless of its origin, that special blanket, pacifier, or stuffed animal may be the key to a successful trip to the grocery store. Leaving your company open to the outside world can cause the same type of meltdown. First your employees will notice a hiccup, like they cannot get to the websites they need. Then, the clients will be hit with delays as programs grind a halt and your staff struggles to keep daily operations rolling. Finally, the quick fix solution becomes a Band-Aid to get you back online and pushing through the day, but your concerns quickly rise. You think, “Will it hold?” or “Is this a permanent solution?” As if the meltdown wasn’t enough, now you’ve got to consider work tomorrow, next week and next year. Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution or safety blanket for network security. A multi-faceted approach with 24/7/365 monitoring is the only sure way to catch things proactively.
4. Nothing in life is 100%! Always have a back-up plan. 
You knew reading this article that you would hear about back-ups at some point, so here it is. All businesses that use computers need an off-site back-up solution to ensure they can successfully recover if there is some issue at the office. It’s hard to imagine, but offices do burn down, they do get broken into, even flooded. Having a full backup of your applications and data is the only sure fire way to recover your entire company after a disaster hits.
5. Have a back-up plan for your back-up plan. 
Yep, you read that right. Make sure your back-ups are not only complete and ready if you need them but create a back-up plan for your operations too. Who do you call to get the ball rolling? Who can take care of your business should
something come up when you’re off gallivanting in Europe this summer with your spouse and the office calls to report a fluke fire that spread from a nearby office building. There should always bee a chain of staff who are aware of your wants and needs should a disaster strike. Make sure there are added decision makers on your necessary vendor accounts and your IT service provider knows who to follow-up with about recovery.

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