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Does Antivirus Software Still Work?

by / Wednesday, 18 January 2017 / Published in News

Have you been Cryptoed? Experienced an oddball infection lately? You’re probably thinking, “I have antivirus software, why isn’t it working?” Here are a few reasons why it just isn’t enough and what you can do.

Malware mayhem. Even some of the largest antivirus software vendors in the world are truly giving up the fight against nasty malware. The classic ways of preventing these malicious attacks are just ineffective these days. So, what can you do to make sure your company information is kept safe?

Put a network security policy in place. Network security is everyone’s responsibility. However, leaving your organization wide open for every person may leave you with too many exposure points to track. A network security policy will help you tie up loose ends. The main components include company policies about computer usage like locking your computer and changing passwords, a clear separation of duties, and specified privileges that lock down items that are not a part of an employees regular job functions.

Filter every e-mail for spam and malware. A good e-mail filtering system will significantly reduce the amount of e-mail coming in that can bog down your network and cause infection. Most filters now come with link reputation-checkers that review the validity of the included links in an e-mail to ensure they have not been reported as malicious.

Keep your computers updated.
Of course, keeping your computers and server up-to-date is one of the most overlooked and most important ways to fight infections. Patches and software updates resolve problems with the software filling any loopholes that could expose your organization. They also attend to newly arising security threats. While you will not see a noticeable change with the software itself, these patches and updates help the software keep out nasty attackers.

Get a full security assessment, sometimes referred to as a vulnerability scan. It’s virtually impossible to know exactly what actions you should take without running a full scan of your entire network. Draft an expert to review your systems. Generally, these vulnerability scans take very little time, but give you a plethora of information about how to properly secure your systems. Annual reviews will ensure your IT investments are truly protecting your company from harm.

Need help? Give us a call today. We offer a FREE 27-Point Security Assessment that will give you a baseline to jump from when exploring new security options for your organization.

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