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Beat Bloatware Before It Boggs You Down

by / Tuesday, 16 August 2016 / Published in News

Need more space? Sick of add-on programs bogging down your computer? Most devices come with preloaded software that takes up oodles of space. What can you do to reclaim your equipment?

What is “bloatware”?
Bloatware or Crapware is that pile of unwanted software that comes preloaded on new computers or mobile devices. The manufacturers try to preemptively load programs they think you will use or that they are paid to promote. Unfortunately, the types of programs they choose are not generally what you want or need.

How can you find them on your computer?
Take a look in the Control Panel on your new computer and click on “Programs and Features”. From there, you can review all the programs on your computer and decide if they are right for you. Simply right click on a program if you would like to uninstall it. Be careful though. All the programs, even for your standard programs like Microsoft Office, your antivirus program or your PDF reader are in there too. Make sure you do not uninstall things you need. If you’re not sure about a program in your list, type the name of the program into Google with words “What is…” and quotes around the program name. You will receive a definition from Google that will help you make a decision about the software.

What about my new cell phone? 
Phones are a little different. With an iPhone, there are standard programs like the “Tips”, “Game Center”, and “News” that you cannot delete. They are planted permanently on your phone by Apple. Fortunately, if you do not use them, they don’t take up a lot of space. If you really hate looking at them, you can just throw them all in a folder together. As for your Android device, you can open the “Settings” screen and tap “Apps”, then swipe over to the “All” category. This will open a new window with all the applications. Scroll down until you find the preinstalled app you want to disable and then tap it.

Security, speed and space. 
These Bloatware programs can also leave security loopholes for crafty thieves to gain access to your devices. Chucking the applications you don’t use will tighten up the access points for your
computer or phone, give you more space and could even speed up your device.