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Internet Browsing Standards Change With Edge

by / Thursday, 15 June 2017 / Published in News

Microsoft will no longer develop Internet Explorer, so if you want a new, faster Internet browsing experience, you’ll have to find a new browser.

The default browser for new PCs will soon change over to the Edge browser. This new application takes a radically new approach to Web browsing. First of all the app itself is not as large as many of the competing browsers and its code is optimized. Some of the reason for that is because Edge won’t play nice with old technology. It won’t run ActiveX, VBScript or third-party toolbars.

Since Edge doesn’t care about the past, it processes faster, according to PC World.  In recent tests it beat Chrome and Firefox browsers. Most of all Edge is tuned into what you do. It works with Cortana, the virtual assistant and Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, to anticipate what you want.  If you type a name of a restaurant into the URL address bar, then Edge starts generating a map, directions, hours, and the menu.

Edge offers a ‘reading view’ that will take distractive elements away from the text. That includes advertisements. You can even make personal notes on Web pages. If you go to a news site, for example, and want to remember a certain story or phrase in a story, you can make a note. The next time you visit the site, on any of your devices, you will see the note. You can even share your notes with other Edge users.

More interactive applications are coming in the near future. Edge is a prime example of the more intuitive programs to come.