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3 Reasons To Upgrade Or Replace A Computer

by / Tuesday, 13 December 2016 / Published in News

Granted, upgrading or replacing your office computers is probably not on your Christmas list. However, here are a few considerations to keep in mind if you’re having issues with your workstations.

1. Age and functionality.
If your computers are over five years old, it’s probably time to look closely at its functionality. Older computers may not start up as quickly, may become noisy, and could take significantly more time to process your requests. Slowness is a major concern for business users and this lag time can be frustrating. It never fails, when you need multiple programs or browser windows open, your computer may take its time catching up to you or stall completely.

2. Hardware limitations.
Are you running out of space? Upgrades and updates associated with newer operating systems will likely increase the minimum specifications required to run your computer. Don’t get caught with a workstations that seem to work against you at every turn. Hardware limitations can prevent you from using the software and peripherals you need.

3. Bottlenecking break-fixes.
Just fixing or upgrading as needed may work for a while, but be careful. Compare the cost of down-time and repairs against the price of something new. You may be surprised how much you’re investing just so you don’t have to kiss that old machine goodbye.