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It’s 8:15 AM and you’re settled in your office chair just waiting for your computer to wake up and smell the coffee. Why does it run so slow in the morning? Could it be its age? Is it out of space? Or worse, maybe you have an infection? These are the most common assumptions people

POSTED 2016-06-28 Phishing scams are nothing new in the security industry. Typically, they involve a poorly written email that points you to an awful clone site of Paypal or eBay. For most of these scams, you can’t help but to notice the warning signs. However, the new Google Drive phishing scam is much more deceptive.

POSTED 2016-06-28 The portability of laptops makes them handy but also easy to steal or lose. Although replacing a missing company laptop is expensive, the consequences are much more serious if the missing laptop contains sensitive data. Having sensitive data lost or stolen exposes the company to problems such as the loss of consumer confidence

Buying the Right Computer: How to Pick the Perfect Employee PC POSTED 2016-06-28 Whether you’re purchasing brand new computers for a brand new division or upgrading the technology in your home office, purchasing computers for your employees can be a stressful undertaking. Between different software and job requirements, personal preferences, and space and cost considerations,