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Our goal is to be more than a cloud service provider or simply offer reliable disaster recovery plans. While those are top-of-mind for our clients, we also take pride in sharing other vital industry information. Explore our blog posts for enlightening nuggets of information and industry news.

The number of ransomware attacks is increasing at an alarming rate, making ransomware the biggest cyber threat that businesses are facing today. To see this disturbing trend, you only have to turn back the clock to the beginning of 2016. There was a 30 percent increase in the number of ransomware attacks in the first

Your company’s value depends on its data. A catastrophic loss of data will cripple your company, often beyond the point of recovery. For this reason, data backup plans are essential, even for startups. Save time and money by doing it right from the start instead of waiting until after the disaster. Here are five things

You’ve probably got a data recovery plan in place; most companies do. However, do you enforce that plan so that it can actually deliver, in the event of a disaster or other service interruption? A plan without enforcement isn’t much of a plan. What your company needs is a strategy to implement and enforce that

Save the Date: November 8th!

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Introducing ROC’s Series of Lunch n’ Learns revolving around Information Technology and how it impacts your business. Join us for our first event – “Front Door – Back Door!” Industry Experts will be talking about Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery. Connect the dots… why do these two topics go together like peanut butter and jelly?