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I hate it when I am pulling paperwork off my desk in a rush for the next meeting and, “Oh no!” there goes my coffee. A flood of thoughts run through my mind, “Are my phone and keyboard ruined?”, “Do we have any rice in the office? I should really bring some in just in

Many laptops come with touch pads these days. They are much more convenient than fighting with your mouse at Starbucks. However, the surface can get a bit sticky when you’re eating lunch or spill coffee. Take a look at these quick tips to properly care for your touch pad. The most sensitive and exposed part

Don’t Leave Gaps In Network Security

Tuesday, 11 April 2017 by

Global security strategist Fortinet says that in 2016 they saw about half a million cyber-attack attempts per minute. Some are famous; some not, but all have the potential to be very expensive and dangerous for businesses like yours. These types of exposures can set your business back, stall growth, and tarnish your reputation costing you

Cleanup Your Startup Utility

Monday, 03 April 2017 by

Sluggish startup getting you down? In all Windows based systems, there is a startup folder that tells your computer what to initiate when you power the computer on. Sometimes, new programs add themselves and your startup process gets bogged down. Here’s how to fix it. Find your startup utility.  Remember, you do have to be