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For anyone that grew up during the age in which television playback included VCRs, they probably remember those wonderful multi-colored audio/video cables that required four different plugs on each end. Those types of cables represent how audio and visual data got from your device to the actual TV. For their time, those cables certainly got

What Is A VPN?

Wednesday, 17 May 2017 by

There seems to be a million acronyms thrown around these days and VPN usage is on the rise. So, what is a VPN? A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. Think of it like operating inside the filling of a Jelly donut. Even though you may be in the nice white neat box with all

IT security is a huge concern for business owners in any type of setting. Companies from retail sales to medical practices worry about network vulnerabilities that could quickly become costly oversights. Take a look at these firewall tips to build a healthy line of defense for your business. Reactive and proactive approaches to IT security.

We’re on a bit of an acronym kick this month, so we thought we’d throw out a silly one here. Where did SPAM come from? SPAM the meat.  SPAM the meat is a chopped pork shoulder product mixed with a few other meats, salt, water, sugar and sodium nitrite. This meat product was invented in