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Our goal is to be more than a cloud service provider or simply offer reliable disaster recovery plans. While those are top-of-mind for our clients, we also take pride in sharing other vital industry information. Explore our blog posts for enlightening nuggets of information and industry news.

Today’s many forms of communication make it easier than ever to exchange information and easier than ever to get distracted and interrupted. When it happens to you, remember that it’s OK to politely say, “Wait, I can’t talk now but I can get back to at 3:00. Will that work for you?” We all need

How do you train people who gulp down information in 10-second bites then move on? Let them train themselves.  Thanks to smartphones, on-demand entertainment and social media, the average attention span in North America dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2015, according to a 2015 Microsoft study. Attention span is the

Microsoft will no longer develop Internet Explorer, so if you want a new, faster Internet browsing experience, you’ll have to find a new browser. The default browser for new PCs will soon change over to the Edge browser. This new application takes a radically new approach to Web browsing. First of all the app itself

5 Ways To Help Your Business Grow

Wednesday, 07 June 2017 by

Do you own or operate a thriving business with strong roots? Has your organization been around for 10+ years, but you’re still carefully managing costs and tweaking operations? Streamlining your expenses is a great way to keep your company flowing through its next phase of growth. Managing expectations and making decisions for your operations.  We

If your small business has a wireless network, your “access point” is probably a standard modem connected to a wireless router. Keep your network safe by locking down your wireless network. If your business offers a Wi-Fi hotspot for patrons, be aware of the risks. Many companies now leave an open access point for public