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Tech Gifts this Season

Thursday, 30 November 2017 by

Well, here goes, the hottest tech gadgets hot on the marketing for this holiday season. Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Earbuds  These wireless earbuds are lightweight and water resistant, fit seamlessly and have a battery life of five hours. The bundled battery case gives you an additional 10 hours of playtime too.   ~ $250 Fitbit Alta

Phishing attacks are still a weapon of choice for cybercriminals. The most common way cybercriminals carry out phishing attacks is through email messages. In email phishing scams, digital con-artists use a convincing pretense to lure you into performing an action, usually clicking a link or opening an attachment. Doing so can lead to malware being installed

Cybersecurity Quiz

Friday, 17 November 2017 by

In today’s cyber environment, keeping data secure is crucial, but it is a lot easier said than done. Hackers are constantly trying to get into your network, most often going for the weakest link: employees. Take the quiz below to determine the cybersecurity knowledge of you and your employees.   In a typical spear phishing

What Is A PDF?

Tuesday, 14 November 2017 by

Anyone who has used a computer for long has likely encountered a PDF file. The ubiquitous file type is a must-have for exchanging files. So, what is it exactly? What is a PDF? PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This document type was developed to gather all parts of a file (graphics and text elements)

Has your computer been running slow? Were you just looking for ways to repair it online? Are you concerned about infection or a hardware failure? Don’t believe every phone call you receive. Even if it’s Microsoft calling. Microsoft won’t call out of the blue. Let’s get one thing out on the table right now, Microsoft

Cybersecurity Checklist

Friday, 03 November 2017 by

It’s no secret that small-and-medium sized businesses, or SMBs, have become the primary target for cyberattacks. In a recent report from Ponemon Institute, we learned that 50% of small businesses experienced data breaches in 2016. As hackers are continuously evolving their methods to breach systems, it can be difficult for any business to stay on