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3 Essential Subjects for Server Upgrade Projects

by / Tuesday, 23 September 2014 / Published in News

Do you know what to ask about for your server project? With the cut off of Microsoft’s Server 2003 products coming next summer, it is important to know what questions to ask about the project.

1. What is the first step to get started? Any good technical talent will begin with a full data backup. Don’t let anyone make changes on your server, not even minor changes, without confirming a full backup of all your company information.

2. How will the changes be implemented? All IT professionals understand the importance of procedure. Every upgrade or addition should be completed individually. Simultaneous modifications can make it very difficult to isolate challenges later if a problem arises.

3. When will you follow-up? Follow-up is critical. Upgrades and additions may require adjustments. For example, if we were to add memory to your server and leave it to its own devices, we may miss the opportunity to optimize Windows’ performance.

Server projects can quickly become a financial burden if they are not managed correctly. Make sure you’re prepared. New hardware and software isn’t always as easy to implement as it seems. Workstations and servers can be temperamental when it comes to accepting new additions. Remember, technology should be a tool for the betterment of your business, not a hindrance. Give us a call today for help with your next project.