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3 Horrifying Issues That Creep Up When You Implement New Technology

by / Tuesday, 15 November 2016 / Published in News

Have you ever caught yourself listening to one of those silly iHeart radio ads and thinking to yourself, “That software package actually sounds like a dream.” Next thing you know, you’ve spent your evening on your phone researching the program and you’re ready to convert right away. Take a look at these three horrifying facts about implementing new technology and how to buffer these issues so you can move on.

1. An uproar in operational flow
This is a common issue for a variety of businesses. They often know they are suffering and the new solution will resolve things, but they cannot see how to implement it without derailing the company’s operational flow, frustrating clients, and ultimately losing money.

Integration solutions that really work.
When you find that wonderful piece of new technology that will better suit your business needs, consider a roll-out plan. Make sure to assign a point person within your office to take charge of the project and talk with all your employees early on to listen to their ideas about the topic. Involving the users in the design phase will increase their satisfaction and help you gain critical buy-in. Early discussions, project management, and a gradual implementation will allow your entire company to accept the new technology, learn how to use it, and support the transition.


2. Data loss
This is everyone’s greatest fear. What if the implementation goes great, but your data won’t load? Or the backup becomes corrupt? Or something is incompatible? Then what? Can you even revert back to the old way of doing things?

Back it up before you start. Whenever you start a project to implement anything, make sure you have a full backup of your system before you begin. It’s best to expect that something will go wrong and roll out contingency plans before there are surprises. Implementing a new piece of technology is always stressful for your business. However, with a planned approach it can be successful with minimal disruptions to operations.


3. Look for a good support system
When you’re considering a new piece of technology, consider the vendor relationship. Take time in the planning phase to dig into how they will support your company. What does your purchase include? The more the vendor invests in their clients, the more value you will receive from your investment.

Think about the future for your company before you buy. Evaluate whether the vendor can support your company as it grows. Make sure the vendor is stable and will be there for you to assist when you need them most. Aside from vendor support, draft an IT professional to evaluate the technology you’re considering and clearly define the implementation process. This will help you determine what consulting time to expect and how much of it will be included from your vendor.

Embrace change. Many people do not embrace change because it is generally associated with fear. Immediately our minds go to the fear of failure, the fear of the unknown, or even fears about conflict or resistance. Don’t let these fears stop you. Innovation fuels your growth. Face it, the world is changing fast. New technology innovations are constantly improving the way we do business.


Sill worried? If you’re ready to upgrade your computers, implement a new software program or even purchase new equipment like scanners or printers, give us a call. We will evaluate your current project, help you sift through everything and put together an implementation plan for your organization.

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