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4 Ways To Spread A Little Extra Joy At The Office

by / Monday, 18 December 2017 / Published in News

We’re not suggesting you give things away here, but it is the end of the year. 2018 will be blowing through the front door very soon. So, why not spruce things up a bit in the office and stock up on those tax credits. You’ll be surprised how much a small investment in new equipment will boost productivity.

1. Replacement computers boost productivity.  Have you been holding off on replacing a few of those old computers? Now is the time. Take advantage of the year end tax breaks and bring all your machines up to date. Stop fighting low disk space warnings, continual reboots, and frustrating error messages. Replace those dinosaurs that are slowing down productivity.

2. New laptops to mobilize your workforce.  Ready to make a few more of your employees mobile? Take a look at the deals on fresh new laptops. December is a great time to surprise your staff with a new laptop so they can keep up on their work even at home.

3. A few new monitors or a few more?  Tired of that old monitor flickering while you work? Worried every time you turn if off that it may not turn on again? It’s time to dive into a new monitor or even a dual monitor setup. It’s a proven fact, workers with multiple displays are able to increase productivity by about 25%. A second or third monitor helps them switch between the programs and information they need faster. Things like data entry, emailing, comparing products, invoicing/accounting, even keeping in touch with coworkers is easier with more room. Honestly, I’d give up a big desk and a single monitor for a small 3-4ft desk with multiple displays any day of the week.

4. Replace your keyboards.  Keyboards are the most grimy, bacteria ridden, dysfunctional pieces of equipment. It takes very little to gum up a keyboard so why not freshen up your office with new keyboards for your employees. Give them a new surface to work from. Ask everyone about their keyboard needs too.

Ready to shop?  Give us a call. We are happy to work up a quote for you to spread a little extra joy throughout your office. Everyone will be excited to be using new equipment come January and you could see a significant increase in productivity too. It’s truly a win-win.

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