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7 Reasons To Take A Proactive IT Approach

by / Tuesday, 22 November 2016 / Published in News

Football is a prevalent sport this time of year, so we wanted to bring the terminology into play while we paint a picture of how businesses can take a proactive approach to IT solutions.

Managing technology proactively will save your company a bundle of time and money. Take a look at these seven reasons to jump in front of IT issues before they become costly hurdles.

1. Mitigate risk before you’re faced with major challenges.
Identify your business needs up front so you can play with minimal risk. Regulations are heavy these days. It’s important to know what you’re up against and how to combat potential threats associated with your business before an infection, hardware failure, or outage challenges your defenses.

2. The right equipment can make or break the team.
You can’t play football with a hockey puck. Put essential hardware and software in place to better your chances in the playing field. Keep abreast of the latest technology to give your company an edge against your competition. The proper tools in good working order will allow you to offer more fulfilling services for your clients.

3. Live to play another day.
While you won’t be scoring points here, the idea is to be ready when threats arise. Football players pad up before a game to ensure they can live to play another day. A players gear offers a layer of defense from crippling injuries at every turn. Think of your security plan including your firewall, antivirus, and backup solution as your first line of defense against attacks and disabling down-time.

4. Keep attackers out of the red zone.
In football, that 20 yard line to the end zone is known as the red zone because this area is where the opposing team has greatest likelihood to score. In business, a proactive approach to IT services will keep your red zone protected from attack. 24/7 monitoring allows your IT provider to detect potential threats before they tear down your defenses and cripple your business.

5. Recovery plans are only as good as the backups behind them.
We all know backups are essential with all the data we rely on in our businesses. However, we often see companies using a solution they have never tested. Do you know what is included in your backup? When was the last time you restored something from a backup? Make sure your defenses are checked regularly and ready for anything that comes your way.

6. Support costs money…
You shouldn’t be nickeled and dimed in your time of need. Don’t wait until your company is crippled by infection to take a stand. Recently, we had a company come to us who was already experiencing issues with Crypto Locker. We worked tirelessly to reformat and restore their computers to working order, but the entire situation took many man hours to rectify which can become expensive.

7. You need a full team to win.
If you don’t have enough players on a football team, the game is forfeited. If you ask us, businesses should have the same rules for engagement. There are a few essentials to properly operate a business network. Things like a security policy, a backup and recovery plan, and an acceptable use policy are prime examples. If you’re missing any of these items, give us a call. You may be playing with a hole in your defenses.