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A Fun Valentine Gift For The Younger Generations

by / Wednesday, 08 February 2017 / Published in News

Looking for something fun to give your loved one under the age of 18? Dig up some old technology to school them on early tech trends. Think about it, 18-year-olds born around 2000 truly have no idea what a boombox is, tape players never existed, and Polaroid cameras were not a fad.
Where can you get your hands on some old technology? 
Believe it or not, Amazon has a great selection of old tech-like products. They currently stock a full selection of Polaroid cameras. For example, the Polaroid Snap Instant Digital camera is sure to be a new favorite with the younger generation, but it is definitely a gift they will never buy for themselves. Boomboxes were quite a hit in the 80’s and 90’s too. Anything that played music out loud was a wonder in those good old days. Amazon carries a handful of retro collection boomboxes that have AM/FM radio, cassette and Mp3 converters to accommodate old and new music.
Things we thought would be obsolete by now. 
It’s truly amazing how far technology has come over the past 30 years and how much we have held on to as well. Did you ever think we would still have VHS players and tapes? I know I didn’t. However, they have proved to be surprisingly resilient in the age of streaming media and Blu-ray. Even though only about 60% of us own VHS players, manufacturers are still pumping out VHS movies at an unbelievable rate.