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Adobe Acrobat XI Support Ends Soon

by / Tuesday, 05 September 2017 / Published in News

Adobe Acrobat XI and Reader XI support will end as of October 15, 2017. What does this mean? What can you do?

End-of-life for Acrobat. This term simply means that Adobe will no longer offer technical support, product updates, security updates, or new versions. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can lead to a dangerous weakness in your network.

Vulnerability. When a piece of software is essentially set aside by its creator and marked for an end-of-life date, it becomes a target for hackers to exploit. These unpatched programs can essentially leave a backdoor opening in your network for clever attackers to dive into and take what they want.

Adobe recommendations. Adobe strongly recommends updating your Acrobat programs to the latest version as soon as possible. That way you can benefit from the most recent enhancements and security updates while your company decides on the next step.

The best option moving forward. If your company is using a cloud solution, there are subscription products available. Adobe is even offering a new annual and month-to-month subscription plan for Acrobat DC. These affordable subscription services allow you to grow and increase the user count as needed with minimal investment. In addition, subscription services are coupled with full-support when you need it most