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Bug Found In Wi-Fi Connections

by / Wednesday, 13 December 2017 / Published in News

Researchers have found an annoying bug in Wi-Fi network encryption that could expose everything you do. Be careful during your travels this holiday season.

WPA2 exposures.  If you or your colleagues use a laptop, smartphone or other device that connects to Wi-Fi, be aware of the risks. Researchers found a bug that allows attackers to break through the WPA2 encryption that protects most wireless networks. What does this mean? Anything you send using this type of encryption could be exposed.

Naughty hackers found an annoying way around it all.  The worst part about this bug is that attackers figured out how to do it on the fly. This issue isn’t just tied down to one manufacturer or device, it is specific to the WPA2 encryption type.

Maybe a little silver lining in the fix.  Of course, there is a fix for this issue and it is an easy one too. It’s as simple as downloading the updates for your wireless device. So, take time to review any updates you receive regarding your wireless devices; they should be applied immediately to button up your network.

Be aware for now.  Until manufactures catch up, we are all at risk. Avoid sending sensitive data on public Wi-Fi connections even if they are encrypted or use a VPN to add an additional layer of protection. VPNs encrypt all the information you send from your computer over the Internet outside the Wi-Fi Network.