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Celebrating Labor Day

by / Monday, 05 September 2016 / Published in News

Did you know the first  Labor Day in the U.S. was celebrated on September, 5th 1882? And, we’ve been working hard ever since. Take time this Labor Day to reinvest in yourself.


Labor Day roots. 
Really, Canadians came up with the concept of hosting a day to honor laborers. To show support for striking workers, they held a “Nine-Hour Moment” in 1872.

A migrated holiday. 
This small ember quickly ignited a significant demonstration demanding rights for workers in America. The first Labor Day in the U.S. was planned by the Central Labor Union. There were roughly 10,000 workers that marched the streets of New York City to Elm Park for an evening of festivities on September, 5th, 1882.

Oregon kicks off the holiday. 
Did you know that Oregon was the first state to make Labor Day a holiday in 1887? This grand statement coupled with demonstrations across the nation, encouraged Congress to put a new act in place deeming the first Monday in September a legal holiday. September of 1894 the U.S. celebrated the first official Labor Day.

What are we celebrating? 
Us! Labor Day is a time to recognize the contributions and achievements of the millions of men and women who make up our U.S. workforce.

What can I do? 
Take time to reinvest in yourself. Welcome the downtime. Turn off your cell phone and computer so you can relax this Labor Day weekend. This sweet holiday is calling for us to take that one last trip before the end of summer. Many communities organize parties, BBQ’s, outdoor markets, parades, and even fireworks shows. Football season starts too.  If you’re so inclined, many teams play their first football games of the year on Labor Day.

Thank you for our jobs. 
We’d like to take this opportunity as a part of the American workforce to say, “Thank You”. We love serving your company and we take pride in providing our labor for the betterment of businesses just like yours.