Cloud Services

why and how ROC can give you an advantage

Cloud Services—the flexible alternative to a server

Are you “cloudy” as to what the cloud really is? Simply put, the cloud offers you options to the traditional onsite server/software model. It’s not right for every business, so we should have an in-depth conversation to identify what solution is best for you.

Servers are in an epic battle. Many are showing their age, have slower-running applications, and are reaching their limit as companies grow their infrastructure. Many companies are deciding whether to upgrade, replace, or eliminate their servers.

ROC can help you convert to cost-effective, innovative, and secure cloud-based technology that provides improved storage, conferencing, and collaboration.

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The Cloud can include:

  • Hosting one of your physical servers with ROC, basically outsourcing a server to us.
  • Outsourcing storage to ROC so you can free up space on your current server.
  • Taking an application that is important to your entire organization and putting it in the cloud so all employees can access it easily.
  • We can consolidate your IT needs using our CoLocation Service.
ROC’s technical consulting team analyzes options—from a cloud solution to a physical solution to a combination—to make sure what you get is what’s best for your company. One size does not fit all. So if someone is pushing you in that direction, we suggest you give ROC a call.

Our proven procedures provide confidence like you've never known.

ROC invests in ongoing technology platforms that complement our other resources. The ROC Data Center leverages monitoring systems and remote support tools to proactively watch and quickly respond to our clients' infrastructure changes or alerts.



Rest easy knowing ROC's high-performance backup solutions stand ready. Our business continuity solutions include a suite of disaster recovery solutions and backup for your data systems. ROC excels at backing up and replicating entire environments.



ROC supplies complete support for your server environment, including infrastructure design, integration, and management. Our consultants have achieved expert status certifications, and their experience spans dozens of different industries from small businesses to large enterprise corporations with complex server environments.