Don’t Leave Gaps In Network Security

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Global security strategist Fortinet says that in 2016 they saw about half a million cyber-attack attempts per minute. Some are famous; some not, but all have the potential to be very expensive and dangerous for businesses like yours. These types of exposures can set your business back, stall growth, and tarnish your reputation costing you future profits as well.
Recent risks.
USA Today points out two recent large-scale attacks:  Lockheed Martin’s F-22 fighter plans stolen by the Chinese and the so-called Panama Papers theft of millions of legal documents from the Law Firm of Mossack Fonseca. In the first example, high-technology stolen from a top defense contractor directly threatens national security. In the second, hackers could use the information in those legal documents to score millions through insider trading.

The industry of hackers.
Not surprisingly, threats like these have spawned an entire industry. According to Forbes, there were openings for 1 million cyber-security jobs in 2016, and the industry is expected to grow from $75 billion to $170 billion by 2020. Cesar Cerrudo, a
professional hacker, and CTO of IOActive Labs says that companies and individuals keep making the same mistakes over and over again when it comes to cyber threats.  He blames a false sense of security. But no one is ever truly 100% secure. Putting the right tools in place and monitoring your network 24/7/365 is the only sure way to head off dangers that lurk online.

Rehabilitated hackers helping secure businesses around the world.
Many once-criminal hackers are now being paid by governments and corporations to be the bad guy and test their systems. In a real cloak-and-dagger world, cyber-security experts try to penetrate the work place by just looking important and walking into the building. Once in, they grab a computer and try to logon to the company network. How far they get tells the company how lax their security systems really are. According to the, these high tech hackers can make quite a bundle on testing corporate security. Cost of a full test may even run up to $80,000.

Don’t have $80,000 to spend on a security audit?
We really didn’t think so. That’s why we offer a FREE Network Audit that will help you find those pesky little loop holes and branch out your security protocols to cover all the many aspects of your network. Take a look at these key areas we explore during your FREE Network Audit.
1. Who has access to your network? 
We will check your network carefully to ensure there are no open doors. Old user accounts and ports left open may be dangerous gaps in your company security.
2. Are you low on space? 
We will review the space on your servers to make sure you’re not tapped out. Running out of space can impact your overall performance and may even cause data loss.
3. Are your systems up-to-date? 
We will review all of your equipment to ensure they’ve received the proper updates and patches.
4. Is your network properly configured? 
All the equipment in the world can’t help you if it isn’t properly configured. We review and walk you through the recommended settings for each piece of equipment.
5. Are you watching your network? 
We will take a quick look into your event logs and make sure there are no fires burning in the background. In some cases, we find recurring issues that have been growing in the background for ages.
Save yourself the headache of a hack.  Don’t fall victim to hackers online. Inform your staff of their role in security for your company and conduct a full network audit annually to ensure you’re keeping up with the ever changing needs of your organization.

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