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Don’t Let Thieves Drag Down Your Holiday Spirit

by / Thursday, 21 December 2017 / Published in News

A study by Checkpoint Systems shows that holiday shoplifting accounts for about a third of all losses during a retail year. The Retail Holiday Season Global Forecast shows that 37% of a store’s annual shrink loss comes from shoplifting, employee theft, and fraud during the holidays. Oh, we know what you’re thinking, “That’s terrible, but what has it got to do with my business? I don’t sell retail.”

Thieves wait until the most opportune times. 
Shoplifting is at an all-time high during the holidays because thieves can blend into larger groups of people and there are not enough eyes to watch every patron. Electronic accessories, electronics in general and other accessories are among the top five items in the most stolen list from Checkpoint. Shoplifters are looking for top dollar items they can sell quickly for a profit or use themselves. Computer equipment has a fantastic resale value on the street as long as it is in good working condition. So, do you see it now?

Shoplifting is easier during the holiday season.  Stores are more crowded and businesses are left empty. Thieves are more likely to hit your office when you are closed over the holidays. So, make sure you lock everything up tight and backup your data before you head out the door for your holiday time away. There is nothing worse than a break-in spoiling your vacation and recovering from a theft can be extremely costly. Here is a quick checklist to make sure you’re ready to close the office:

  • Notify your security company, IT department, staff and clients of the time away.
  • Change the greeting on your phone system.
  • Reduce the temp on your thermostats and turn off any office equipment that is not essential for use over the vacation(including printers, monitors, and computers).
  • Check your backup data before you go. Make sure you have a full account of your information on file to reduce your exposure to a natural disaster or prying eyes.

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