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End Of Life For Office 2007

by / Tuesday, 10 October 2017 / Published in News

There have been quite a few announcements over the past year about the end of life for specific products. Office 2007 has finally reached its dreaded end date.

October 10th, 2017 marks the end of life for Microsoft Office 2007. Why is this such a big deal for businesses? Office 2007 has been a widely used set of programs in businesses around the world. However the support lifecycle end means there will be no new security updates, additional support options or technical content updates. This means, your company may be vulnerable to attack. Security weaknesses and bugs that come up will no longer be addressed by Microsoft and this will allow hackers to exploit users in various ways.

Many people had been waiting for a better version of Office and truly didn’t see any reason to switch from Office 2007 over the past decade. Now with the end of life this month, it is critical to dive into a newer Office suite. We recommend Office365 or Office 2016.

Plan for your upgrade. It will take time to get all your workstations up to speed and if you are moving to an Office365 solution, the e-mail migration needs to be scheduled so it won’t interrupt your regular flow of business. Need help? Give us a call today for your upgrade project.

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