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Equip Your Company With Knowledge

by / Thursday, 07 July 2016 / Published in News

The best way to keep your company safe is to raise awareness for your biggest threats. Inform your employees about all your concerns for your company’s security. Give them the best tool they can use to help identify and avoid risks, knowledge.

Security is everyone’s job.
We are all shaped by the choices we make and our networks are too. One fantastic defense that won’t even cost you a dime is to spread awareness throughout your organization. Keep your employees informed about keeping their computers clean, reporting errors, and how to identify threats.

A good rule of thumb.
Create and share a standard security policy with your employees. Make sure everyone understands how their activities online can cause losses for your organization. Share best practices like using strong passwords and being mindful about mysterious e-mails. Employees should know the basics like “When in doubt, throw it out” and “Unknown outside programs can open security vulnerabilities.”
Ask them to be watchful and encourage them to report strange happenings immediately. Let them know your business depends on their capable hands to safeguard sensitive data and protect your company resources.