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Managed hosting services? Cloud service providers? Disaster recovery plans? Business VOIP? Is your head spinning yet?

Information technology doesn’t have to be confusing and frustrating. ROC is here to make things effortless, flexible, and affordable. Check out these FAQs for insight on how ROC delivers predictable results for a predictable fee.

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ROC's track-record shows we are able to solve 85% of IT-related problems remotely.

SMBs report an average of over 50 hours of lost productivity per employee per year caused by IT problems. ROC has seen a reduction in the amount of hours a client spends dealing with IT related issues of up to 40 hours with ROC’s management services. What’s the real value to you?

Many IT support providers profit when you face more IT problems rather than less. ROC believes that if you have a stable IT environment and can concentrate on making your business successful, we will be successful also!

ROC has found that 1/3 of all IT problems can be proactively prevented via remote administration before they turn into performance problems, downtime, loss of data, or security breaches.

Got a tough question for ROC? Let’s have it! Contact us today, and let’s discuss your unique IT needs.