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3 Flexible IT Solutions That Grow With You

by / Tuesday, 10 January 2017 / Published in News

With the new year upon us, we are all thinking about resolutions to keep ourselves on track. Exercising more is generally one of the most adopted resolutions out there. You don’t have to do a downward dog or plank to be more flexible though. See how you can put a few new solutions in place to keep your company flexible with new growth.

Growth can be overwhelming. Have you ever tried yoga? Even though it seems like just a bit of stretching, endurance trained athletes often find it difficult. Yoga actually focuses on a wide range of body motions unlike many sports activities that only force you to use specific muscle groups. All the poses in yoga push you into positions that you’re not use to. These positions challenge your movement, balance, and breathing encouraging you to bring your mind and body together into one exercise. Growing your skills can be taxing so give yourself time to learn the positions, build strength and become more flexible.

Growing your business is just as challenging as starting a new yoga routine. If your company grows too quickly, it can cause undue stress on your network. A sudden increase in sales can cause strain on your organization or even inhibit your ability to maneuver. Here are three flexible IT solutions that will help you implement the right tools for growth so you can build strength and flexibility for the future.

  1. Implement a managed service agreement. Many small to mid-size organizations do not employ a full-time IT person due to budget concerns or lack of full-time work. However, this doesn’t release the business from their need for security, back-up, threat management, and IT support. A managed service agreement is a great way to outsource your IT needs to a proactive management company. Generally these Managed Service Providers (MSP’s like us) offer monthly service programs that attend to all your IT needs for one fixed rate. This type of agreement will give you the resources you need to properly maintain everything on your network efficiently. The major benefits are 24-hour monitoring, minimized downtime, reduced overall costs, and regular maintenance. This proactive approach also gives your company flexibility with growth and a heads up when there are hurdles ahead.
  2. Plan ahead for hardware and software replacements. What happens when your computers or server need to be replaced? Do you just buy as you go? Do you know what expenses are creeping up on you for 2017? Reacting when hardware fails can stall your business functions and may even cause data loss. Put a plan in place to replace aging computers and servers before they disable your business.
  3. Implement scalable and reliable communication solutions. Sound communications are key for smooth operations. There is nothing like trying to get through to a company and your calls are dropped, your e-mails are returned, or there is just no one replying to any type of message. Create an environment where your clients feel like they are calling a friend when they reach out to your business. Make sure your communication systems including phone, e-mail and social media are always accessible and can grow with your company.

Give your company time to adapt. Growing is difficult. Just as your body will need time to adjust to your new yoga class, your team will require some ramp up time to become more efficient with your new tools and resources. Any one of these three flexible IT solutions won’t resolve everything in an instant. There will always be a strenuous period of a few months where your business is settling into the arms of a new Managed Service Provider (MSP) or a time when three old computers fail all at once and they weren’t staged for replacement for a few more months. Expect the unexpected and be patient with yourself. These things happen.

Flexibility gives you a competitive edge. Just remember, organizations of all sizes struggle to keep a competitive edge over their competition. The more flexible and scalable your company is the easier it will be for you to capture market share as your industry evolves. Keep the cost of your IT solutions under control with proactive tools like an MSP agreement, a replacement plan and reliable communication solution.

Worried about growth in 2017? Give us a call. We can help you increase efficiencies, reduce costs and minimize interruptions for your business.

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