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Hackers Focus On What We Love In 2017

by / Tuesday, 14 February 2017 / Published in News

eMarketer found that adults spend an average of 25 hours online every week. This time is generally on our cell phones. Hackers are keen to this fact and are now focusing in on our mobile usage.

Hackers are retargeting their arrows.
This is no cupid’s arrow either. Hackers are retargeting their arrows to attack applications on our smartphones and tablets. All it takes is one bad app download to kick-start their romance with your device.
Learning from the past.
In 2016, we saw staggering growth in the number of infectious advertising Trojans able to obtain “superuser” rights on an infected device. These “superuser” rights give the attackers access to everything on the phone and the ability to add, change or control anything they want.
These threats are spreading through Google Play and Apple.
Attacks are not localized; your decision between an iPhone or Android won’t help in this respect. The best way to avoid these types of threats is to read the reviews on applications before you download. Look at the privacy policies, check out the website and if you’re still not sure, call them.
Keep your eyes peeled for new threats.
There will always be a new threat on the horizon. Monitoring the applications you and your family uses, keeping an eye out for malicious e-mails, and suspicious websites will help keep you safe. After all, we are all responsible for security.