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How To Properly Care For Your Laptop Keyboard And Touch Pad

by / Tuesday, 18 April 2017 / Published in News
Many laptops come with touch pads these days. They are much more convenient than fighting with your mouse at Starbucks. However, the surface can get a bit sticky when you’re eating lunch or spill coffee. Take a look at these quick tips to properly care for your touch pad.
The most sensitive and exposed part of your laptop.
Your laptop’s keyboard and touch pad are the most used and most exposed components of your laptop. Unfortunately, they are at the most risk of collecting dirt, dust, and debris. There are good ways and bad ways to care for your equipment. Take a look at these good ways to really take care of your laptop’s keyboard and touch pad.
Clean your laptop gently.
Harsh cleaners aren’t necessary. Don’t use potent chemicals to disinfect your equipment. Things like bleach and 409 can damage the plastic and rubber on your laptop. Try a glass cleaning solution or a bit of isopropyl, rubbing alcohol. Use Q-tips or a fiber free cloth to wipe your keys and touch pad clean. Remember, your keys and touch pad are sensitive. Do not push too hard, the cleaner will work regardless of the pressure applied. Wipe any excess debris from your keyboard and touch pad when you’ve finished with the cleaner.
Use caution to keep your equipment in good shape. 
The very best advice is to be cautious about your laptop in general and clean it regularly.
We recommend the following:
-Keep your laptop out of reach of children and pets. They love to leave you little surprises.
Do not eat over your computer. Crumbs and food can build bacteria, mold, or invite nasty little bugs into your computer that may damage the components beyond repair.
-Don’t leave your laptop in your car. Extreme temperatures and moisture can damage the inner workings of your computer too.
-Wash your hands often when using your laptop and do not use oil based lotions on your skin. These can cause buildup on your keys and touch pad.
A little effort can add to the useful life of your laptop.  Your keyboard and touch pad are essential parts of your
laptop. Keep them clean and treat them well so you can get the most life from your computer. If you have issues with sticky keys or a non-responsive touch pad, you may need replacement parts. Give us a call, we can help.