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How To Spot A Holiday Phishing Scam

by / Tuesday, 20 December 2016 / Published in News

Phishing scams are always more prevalent around the holidays. With all the holiday e-mails from vendors and friends, it is a wonder that we all aren’t infected this time of year.

How can you spot a Phishing scam? Here are a few quick ways to spot phishing emails:

  • Check for spelling mistakes and broad language. If the e-mail is written with the opening “Dear Customer” you should throw it out.
  • Don’t take threatening language or threats as gold. These types of nasty phishing e-mails were created to give you a sense of urgency and prompt you to act immediately.
  • Scammers may even ask for confidential information like your user ID or password for an account. Never give this information, not even to a coworker. Everyone is responsible for company security.
  • Link paths may be different than the text showing in the e-mail. If you are comfortable with the sender, but you don’t know about the link they sent you, take a deeper look. Put your mouse over the link and hover. This will reveal the path that the link will take you to. If it doesn’t match the senders URL or intended link information don’t click on it.

Stay safe this holiday season. The holiday’s bring a slew of strange e-mail scams. Share these quick tips with your friends and family and stay safe online this holiday season.