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Is My Computer Being Monitored At Work?

by / Monday, 16 October 2017 / Published in News

Yes, your computer is being monitored at work, but don’t get too paranoid. Sure, in 1940, it would have been frowned upon to use the company typewriter to type a personal letter. Back then, monitoring meant a human hired to walk around the room and look over the shoulder of each typist. Most companies are much more understanding these days.

In the 21st century, monitoring is largely electronic, but the rules have not changed. Keep your professional and personal spaces separate. Many organizations monitor for both intellectual and network security. Personal laptops that aren’t managed by company IT could be vulnerable to hacking. They also could be used to take confidential data offsite or become infected by personal data and this could easily bleed into the company’s network.

Acceptable Use policy. Read and follow your organizations Acceptable Use policy. Most companies ask users to reframe from downloading movies, pictures, and large files that take up a tremendous amount resources on the network. Bandwidth is generally monitored for use and security issues so don’t be surprised if you are approached about downloads. Excessive use by any one user can slow down the entire office killing productivity.

Unsecured apps and websites pose a risk to confidential data. Many companies let employees know what applications are acceptable for business transactions and block unsecured sites in-house. Sometimes it is easier to use them when you’re working outside the office, but keep in mind using them at any time for company business can put proprietary information at risk.

Advocate for your Acceptable Use policy. Be an advocate for the proper use of tools in your business. Regardless of your position, security always begins with those who use the systems presented. If you’re worried everyone isn’t on the same page or don’t have an Acceptable Use policy, take time to put one together. Keeping everyone informed about the dangers will ultimately keep your data safer.