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Is Your Network Malicious Because it is Miserable?

by / Tuesday, 07 October 2014 / Published in News

As many of you may remember from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein story, some creations just aren’t meant to be. Do you feel like your network is raging against you?

Network nuances. While many business owners have computers, printers and servers not all networks are created equal. Often times they look so much alike from the outside that the type of machine labeled on the front is the only subtle difference from one office to another. However, the way your network operates proves its true worth.

“When falsehood can look so like the truth…” — Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Recently, a business came to us with network security concerns. They were fighting tooth and nail to use their network each day. It was almost as if it were attacking them. We found that many of the programs they used to keep their network running and their company data secure were not working properly. They had all the right tools, but no one to manage them regularly and keep them up-to-date. They had invested wisely in the right technology, but the miserable state of their network kept them from being able to use it efficiently.

What is network security? It is a combination of provisions and policies setup to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, modification or other general misuse of your computer network. Generally, network security is developed in layers to create a secure platform for computer users and programs to operate at their maximum potential.

It’s alive! Your IT security policy. There are three primary components to keep your network safe; an IT security policy, enforcement, and auditing. An IT security policy is a principle document that outlines exactly how your company plans to ensure the security of your assets. This policy will always be a “living document”, meaning it is never finished. You will continually update it as your company changes and grows. Your IT Security policy will include things like an acceptable use policy, how employees are trained, what protection programs are in place and how your security will be carried out or enforced.

Strong enforcement for a stable network. There are three primary areas of focus with enforcement; confidentiality, integrity and availability. Confidentiality involves the security of your assets from unauthorized use. Integrity ensures your network modifications and updates are in good hands. The overall state of your network access is the availability portion.

Can everyone access what they need? If not, it’s time for an audit. Sometimes untamed networks just need more management to get back on track. A little fine tuning can go a long way.

“Who can assure themselves of certain happiness?” — Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. You can! Don’t let your network become a malicious machine you’re fighting daily to get your work done. Calm the beast with proper policy, enforcement and auditing to keep your network healthy and operational.