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It’s Time To Hit The Books!

by / Thursday, 24 August 2017 / Published in News

Schools seem to be starting earlier these days. Regardless, it’s that time of year again. Students are finishing up their summer activities and hitting the books. Take a look at what’s new this school year.

August is the new September. Many students are now starting school in August. What happened to the day after Labor day? Many districts, especially in the southern states, have been starting school in August claiming that the traditional school calendars do not support what kids need to be successful these days. Earlier start dates give more instructional time before the statewide assessments hit. In addition, getting a jump on the school year offers a more natural break for winter. The students can wrap up the semester before they are off for two weeks.

Technology trends in schools. Children are surrounded by technology these days. Schools are adapting to the global trends by bringing

technology into the classroom. Many schools now issue Chromebooks or other devices for students to use throughout the school year. Some institutions even require a device for their courses.

Technology as a subject for schools. Schools are also taking on a few new subjects. For example, coding and computer science courses are popping up in educational institutions across the nation. These types of courses teach students the basics of technology from the ground up.

Using technology to foster collaboration. Educators around the world agree, technology will inevitably be a staple part for education. The question is how will it be integrated? Classroom technology should encourage creativity and collaboration. Students can use applications for a number of subject matters. Fun engaging programs help them adapt to new methods of learning quickly and easily.

On your mark…get set… go shopping! Don’t blink! School will be starting before you know it. Take a look at your students’ supply lists early to ensure you can round up all the necessary tools to make the 2017-2018 school year a great success!