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Machine Graveyard

by / Tuesday, 21 October 2014 / Published in News

Take a look at these clear signs to look for when a workstation is on its last breath.

Experiencing a large number of software glitches or slow access? Sometimes, it is just a single program that may need to be reinstalled. However, if you are seeing glitches or slowness in various programs the problem could mean a hardware failure is looming in your future.

Things that go bump in the day? Listen to your computer. Sometimes hearing strange thrashing or grinding noises means your drive is ready to crawl in a grave. Don’t push it or you may lose your data.

The disappearing data trick or rebellious streak? Does your computer seem to be fighting your every move? If you cannot save documents or if you’re receiving disk errors, these could be symptoms of a larger issue. If you have any of these precursors, have your computer assessed.

Backup, not recovery. Remember, it is always easier to restore data from a back-up than to recover data after a failure. Ensure a complete backup of all your essential systems daily.