Managed IT

complete, effective control for enhanced productivity

Why Managed IT? What is Managed Services Provisioning?

First, do NOT expect the following typical business models: “break/fix”, “time and materials”, or “block time.” Instead, Managed Services is a holistic, comprehensive solution to managing your computer systems. By outsourcing your IT responsibilities to ROC, your computer technology is leveraged to move your business forward, creating momentum toward your company’s goals.

By properly leveraging your IT investment, you’ll change the way you think about the performance of your IT and your team. And that can have a huge impact on your organization’s bottom line.

Is maintaining your computer system an irritating expense? Or, do you see IT as a valued tool to propel your business forward? To us IT is one of the smartest investments your company can make. When done right, it can lead to a boost in productivity and a motivated staff.

ROC’s Managed IT/Computer Management can either support your existing IT department with a la carte offerings, or we can be your remote IT department, saving you the expense of maintaining your own system. Whichever way you need, ROC’s long-term effectiveness delivers IT operations at a cost less than your business would spend without ROC over a 5-year period. Plus, you get our legendary value-added service and support.

ROC partners with the industry’s best companies, providing flexible services that improve performance and help ensure 24/7 system availability. Want to monitor and manage your own network? Contact ROC to get started.

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To get technical, ROC monitors and manages:

  • Network infrastructure devices: routers, switches, and more
  • Hundreds of network components: CPU utilization, memory utilization, etc.
  • VPN and wireless solutions
  • Network security and firewall devices

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Why Managed IT?

Worry-free—know when performance or system availability is affected before it impacts operations
Best practices methodology—processes and procedures are clearly outlined to ensure consistent results
Fixed monthly rate—no matter the issues, you’re billed the same amount monthly; there’s no ambiguity about budgeting for IT costs
Custom and flexible service—fits your exact needs and unique environment
Experience—monitoring and managing IT systems for 10+ years
Excellent value—a true 24x7 solution
Problem detection—proactively resolve issues before they impact day-to-day business; network support costs (e.g., operational, downtime, and problem resolution costs) are significantly reduced or eliminated
Senior level expertise—access on many different IT areas (e.g. Citrix, UNIX, Exchange); ensures problems are handled quickly and effectively at no additional cost
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Consider Managed IT/Computer Management if you:

  • Do not have the employees/time to support network infrastructure
  • Do not have the tools to monitor network devices in-house
  • Want to reduce network support costs
  • Have multiple or remote locations with limited staff to support network devices
  • Want to proactively detect/resolve problems instead of reacting to an issue
  • Have proprietary technology without the resources in-house to monitor and manage what is required
  • Want to change the way you are doing business? Use technology, not employees, to gain leverage.