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Our goal is to be more than a cloud service provider or simply offer reliable disaster recovery plans. While those are top-of-mind for our clients, we also take pride in sharing other vital industry information. Explore our blog posts for enlightening nuggets of information and industry news.

Web trackers. One of the most common issues you’ll see online is the web ads that track your browsing and show advertisements based on your viewing history. While you may always be tracked in some way, make a habit of clearing unnecessary plug-ins from your browsers to keep you safe and never download anything from

As many of you may remember from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein story, some creations just aren’t meant to be. Do you feel like your network is raging against you? Network nuances. While many business owners have computers, printers and servers not all networks are created equal. Often times they look so much alike from the outside

Do you know what to ask about for your server project? With the cut off of Microsoft’s Server 2003 products coming next summer, it is important to know what questions to ask about the project. 1. What is the first step to get started? Any good technical talent will begin with a full data backup.

Do you have Microsoft Windows Server 2003 powering your operations? Be aware, product support for this product is ending next year. Just like the end of life date for XP, Microsoft is phasing out support for Server 2003 products too. This could mean major risks for your company. Microsoft is ending support on July 14th,

ROC would like to extend a warm welcome to Cori Pienta, who joins us as our new Operations Administrative Assistant! Cori comes to us after many years at United Healthcare, and is experienced in process implementation, report creation and analyzing, quality improvement, personnel training, and more. She and her family live in their newly built

Welcome to ROC’s new website!

Tuesday, 06 May 2014 by

Welcome to our new website! We’re proud of our site’s new look and of our new logo. Remote Operations Company (ROC) quickly arose from the ashes of Rhino Systems. When deciding on a name, time was of the essence, so we needed to think of something quick. Looking back, it’s appropriate that our customers started

ROC is proud to announce the opening of our Milwaukee location. For some time, we’ve had several employees in the Milwaukee area working out of their homes. So it was apparent that we needed to add a facility for them. As of May 1, 2014, we will open with five employees in the Milwaukee office.