Our Promise

ROC gives you what you deserve

An IT support guarantee you won’t get anywhere else

ROC Guarantee

IT Cost Savings

Our long-term effectiveness delivers IT operations at a cost less than your business would spend without ROC over a 5-year period. Plus, you get our legendary value-added service and support.

IT Strategy. IT Accountability. IT Budget Management.

When it comes to handling the demands of IT, most business owners aren’t exactly experts. Luckily for you, the word “expert” perfectly describes ROC. We help you make critical IT decisions that impact your business and can increase your bottom line. ROC measures results and reports monthly and quarterly on your IT environment and performance. Your goals become our goals.

Proactive Prevention. Comprehensive Coverage.

Over 30% of all IT service requests can be eliminated with disciplined preventative maintenance. After 10 years, ROC has perfected a process resulting in many clients experiencing a service request reduction by 1/3 every month. ROC protects everything from your front door (security) to your back door (backup and disaster recovery) and everything in between.

You’re Buying Peace Of Mind

ROC’s original vision remains relevant today: “To radically change the way technology is delivered to create the ultimate computing experience for customers.” The ROC support model isn’t right for everyone. And we’re OK with that. For those who do find us a good fit, ROC is indispensable. You put your trust in us, we invest in you, we both succeed.

This isn’t an ordinary guarantee. But then again, ROC is no ordinary business. Our unique technology consulting process works because of years of experience and fine-tuning. Your business will benefit from our hard work. We take pride in making it easy for you to completely justify your investment in IT.