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5 Considerations To Be A Paperless Office

by / Thursday, 22 September 2016 / Published in News

Your biggest client is on the phone, you’ve put them on hold already to search for the documents you need to serve him. Now you hesitate to continue the conversation while you try to quietly shuffle the paperwork to find the information you need before the client stops talking. Oh my, they asked you another question. What do you do? Freeze? Let them know you will have to look into this further and give them a call back? What if I told you, your computer could save you from this situation with a paperless office.

A digital solution to the shuffling. 
Replacing those paper documents with a digital solution can save you a ton of time and money. However, old habits do die hard. Consider the types of workflow you would like to see in place with your paperless office. Who needs to see and approve things? How will your employees digitize the documents for filing? There is a lot to consider and plan before you take the plunge.

Here are 5 considerations we find helpful for companies that are ready.

1. Workflow:  Take time to evaluate your internal company processes and create a plan for  document creation an storage standards. For example, if you generally just file your monthly invoices away, who will scan them and how? Develop new procedures for your employees to clearly see how your paperless office will work.

2. Storage:  Where will the documents go? We suggest a cloud storage solution if you do not have a server already. This type of solution will give you a ton of space, easy access, and mobility. However, you will need sufficient Internet access to make it work smoothly.

3. Accessibility options:  Where do you want to be when you retrieve documents?
Obviously, we all would love to have access to our office and information from a beach in Florida, right? Not all the time, but going digital does allow you access anywhere. You can get to your important documents event in the field with prospects and clients.

4. Disaster recovery:  Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? What about fires or flooding? Do you have a copy of every piece of paper? If not, going paperless could save your valuable information in case of an emergency too. Unexpected disasters can cripple a company if all your key documents are destroyed and irreplaceable. A paperless office with a backup and recovery plan in place will allow you to get to your important documents even when your office is in a state of emergency.

5. Training for all:  Don’t forget about the learning curve. Diving into a paperless office solution is fantastic, but there  are always new procedures to teach your people. Keep in mind, most of us fear the unknown and many of your employees may not be enthusiastic about these changes. Set their minds at ease with clear procedures and the best tools like desktop scanners. Plan out and explain how the filing system works, your expectations for naming files (for example year/month/date-client name-document type) and the proper places to store documents.

Remember, we’re here to help! 
Whether you would like to explore Cloud solutions or a new server filing system, we can handle all the details with you. Give us a call today for your Free Network Audit and let us know you’re interested in going paperless. We will review all your systems and take a careful inventory of your current technology so we can offer you the best paperless solution for your needs.

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