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Restart To Refresh

by / Wednesday, 10 August 2016 / Published in News

You know how Staples has the “Easy” button? Well, we say a daily restart on your computer is like the “Easy” button.

Refresh your computer.  Believe it or not, a simple daily restart can help resolve a bunch of problems. Things like slowness with Windows, web browsers hogging memory, or connectivity errors can be addressed automatically during a restart. 

What does a restart really do?  Restarting your system wipes away the current state of your software. This refreshes your programs eliminating any code that was misbehaving. When you restart, your system kicks off everything from square one.

Hard or soft restarts.  A soft restart is when you select “restart” from your “start menu” and allow the computer to shut down properly. If your computer is frozen and you cannot access the menu, press and hold the power button on your workstation to restart your machine. This is called a “hard” or “cold” restart since it doesn’t allow you to save your work.

Remember, refresh your computer daily with a soft restart before you leave.