ROC Delivers


No matter your position, ROC is here to provide the business support and professional technology services your business is looking for.

ROC delivers:

  • Network infrastructure devices: routers, switches, and more
  • Hundreds of network components: CPU utilization, memory utilization, etc.
  • VPN and wireless solutions
  • Network security and firewall devices


Looking for an all-in-one IT partner? Consider our Peace of Mind Program and Managed IT services.

Why Managed IT?

  • Worry-free—know when performance or system availability is affected before it impacts operations
  • Fixed monthly rate—no matter the issues, you’re billed the same amount monthly; there’s no ambiguity about budgeting for IT costs
  • Custom and flexible service—fits your exact needs and unique environment
  • Excellent value—a true 24×7 solution
  • Senior level expertise—ensures problems are handled quickly and effectively at no additional cost


Looking to mix your current IT solutions? Consider Blend IT.

Why Blend IT?

  • Fill in your gaps—we’ll complement your current IT staff, at any level you need
  • Stay focused—our help frees up your IT staff to handle issues that grow your business
  • Leverage your partner—ROC’s forward-thinking experts provide long-term strategies
  • Save money—only pay for what you need to optimize your IT


ROC’s self-management tools provide your perfect mix

If your business has a significant IT department, you may only need specific services to find your perfect IT blend. ROC has the tools and abilities to service your exact needs, helping you reach peak performance.

And, if you’re not certain which tools your business may need, ROC can help identify areas to help increase your productivity. Our experienced IT experts spend time getting to know your processes and goals. The result is ROC Blend IT, the optimal mix of services to meet your unique challenges.