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by / Wednesday, 25 October 2017 / Published in News

Ramsomware infections are truly a costly pitfall for businesses. Let us lighten the mood with a little view of the other side. Get ready! This is a classic, laughable, business mistake made by the WannaCry ransomware hackers that we all can learn from. This is a prime example of why all businesses should rely on scalable solutions to support their company.
From 2 to 20 in the blink of an eye.  Is your business growing? Are you ready? Many companies struggle to add staff and equipment one by one as needed. What if you could have a solution in place that makes adding staff as easy as a quick phone call? After all, we are all in the business of growing our businesses.
Hackers WannaCry classic mistake.  Obviously our companies are a much higher caliper than a cluster of hackers trying to attack others for personal gain, but I couldn’t help but share a little laugh at their expense. WannaCry is a ransomware program put together by a band of hackers to infect computers and hold data hostage for a ransom much like CryptoLocker. WannaCry spread like wildfire hitting hundreds of thousands of targets in a relatively short amount of time. While this was the ultimate goal of their malicious attack, it backfired when WannaCry creators couldn’t handle the volume of potential payments on the back end. The WannaCry program just couldn’t keep up tracking the ransoms sent and payments received. So, hackers were reduced to basic bookkeeping tasks. The program couldn’t match the payment with the unique address for the ransom, so the creators had to sit and figure out which of their victims paid and should be sent their encryption key. This wasted a ton of
resources they probably didn’t even have. I’ll bet they were scrambling for warm bodies to put in front of computers just to process the information.
Growing pains.  If the creators ran a legitimate company, a few scalable solutions could have saved the day. If only those hackers had a plan in place to efficiently spin up new computers for new employees to help manage this unexpected growth. This is a prime example of how an influx of business can bring a surge of needs. Make sure your technology solutions are ready for growth so you can eliminate growing pains like this and add staff when you need them most.