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Sick Of Just Monitoring Stuff?

by / Wednesday, 22 March 2017 / Published in News

Have you seen that new LifeLock commercial on Television that shows a robbery in progress at a bank and all the people are screaming, scared, and hitting the floor? It’s classic, the security guy is just standing there and a woman looks up at him from the floor and says, “Do something!”. He says, “Oh, I’m not a security guard. I’m a security monitor. I only notify people if there’s a robbery… There’s a robbery.” Then the screen goes white and says, “Why monitor a problem if you don’t fix it?” I’m sure many of you know this feeling with IT work.

“Why monitor a problem if you don’t fix it?”
This question applies in so many ways to network security. All the monitoring in the world won’t help if the issues are never fixed. Monitoring things like the space on your server, security risks, and updates for your operating systems and repairing them in a timely fashion will keep your network running smoothly.

A funny feeling something is wrong.
Ever have that feeling in your gut that the error you just saw on your screen is a precursor for something more? Don’t just monitor the issue, call in an expert to take a deeper look. Working around computer problems and letting them go can compromise your network.

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