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Simple Advice To Protect Your Wireless Network

by / Thursday, 01 June 2017 / Published in News

If your small business has a wireless network, your “access point” is probably a standard modem connected to a wireless router. Keep your network safe by locking down your wireless network.

If your business offers a Wi-Fi hotspot for patrons, be aware of the risks.

Many companies now leave an open access point for public use. However, if you do not properly secure your router, you could be allowing strangers to easily gain access to sensitive client or financial information on your network.

Defaults to update immediately.
All new routers come with a generic name and standard password. Make sure to change the name of your router from the default and update the pre-set password immediately. Many hackers know the standard manufacturer passwords and use them to climb into open networks.
Keep your router updated.  Keeping the most recent software updates on your router will help to protect your company too. To ensure you know when the next release will be issued, register your device with the manufacturer and sign-up for updates. These updates fix bugs and contain new feature to help protect your company from security vulnerabilities.

Log out as administrator. 

Once you’ve setup your router or even when you update your software, log out as the administrator. This will lessen the risk that someone could piggyback your session and begin controlling your device.

Use encryption on your wireless network. 

Encrypted information sent on your wireless network is less appealing to hackers. Encryption scrambles the information being passed through the router rendering it unusable for prying eyes.
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