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Slow Browsers

by / Wednesday, 14 September 2016 / Published in News

Why is my browser so slow? How can I fix this?
Your browsers job…
Your browsers job is to take you to the information you request. In order to do this, you enter information in, the browser starts to communicate with servers around the world using HTTP requests and then returns the data you need in a visual display. However, regardless of the browser type, they eventually get bogged down.

The root of slowness.
There are three major reasons for slow browsers:
1. Overbearing third-party software.
2. Unwanted toolbars.
3. Infections.

How to address these issues? 
First you have to figure out the cause. For example, a few of our clients who purchased the Adobe Illustrator suite found that an add-on called iNetwork Control was impacting their browser performance. In order to combat the issue, this program addition had to be uninstalled.

Weekly routine. 
Make time for regular maintenance too. Clear your browsing history and cookies so you can browse smoothly.

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