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Technology To Educate

by / Wednesday, 07 September 2016 / Published in News

Getting our youth back to school is generally a pleasure, but it is pretty pricey these days. There are a variety of devices and software that will help your student along, so here are a few tips to get what they need.

Standard school supplies. 
Schools provide a long list of supplies these days. Often, you will find technology devices as a part of these lists. Things like calculators, computers, and USB drives are pretty standard.
Now this is kind of a funny one because more adults these days use industry software or even Microsoft Excel for all their major calculations. However, most educational institutions still advise students to purchase a new calculator. Do yourself and your kid a favor, look at the requirements for the 12th grade scientific calculators and buy that one upfront. Your student will thank you later when they don’t have a learning curve for the newly required calculator each year. Besides, these higher end calculators are built to last. I’ve had mine for 19 years.
Computer buying tips. 
Just like your office computer, there are recommended minimums for student workstations too. Look for these two critical things when purchasing a computer for your student, does their school have a preference for PC’s or Mac’s and the specs for the computer (how heavy is it, screen size, memory and hard drive capacity. Remember, this piece of equipment will probably be in use for many years. Don’t buy something that will easily be outdated with just one or two years of use. This could mean costly upgrades or even replacement.
Invest in devices that last. 
Your student doesn’t really need the top of the line laptop no matter how much they beg. Look for something that’s functional and will stay functional for a while. Look at size, portability, battery life, connectivity options, software needs, warranty and of course tracking software just in case the device is lost or stolen. You may want to consider parental controls as well depending on the age and maturity of your student.