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by / Monday, 05 December 2016 / Published in News

In 1996, just 20 percent of employers offered telecommuting. In 2016, that number has soared to 60 percent, according to the Society of Human Resources Management survey. With workers often on the go, make sure to keep your company information safe.

Working on the go. With the holiday’s in full swing, it is easier to work on the go. Family is flying in, but you have just a few more reports to finish up. Why not hit a coffee shop on the way to the airport?

Wi-Fi connections offer themselves up at every turn. The local coffee shop, lunch stops, even gas stations offer a line to the Internet. Make sure your computer and devices aren’t jumping on every connection they see without you. Check your phone, tablet and computer to ensure they are not set to automatically connect to every available Wi-Fi offering.

Risks of public Wi-Fi connections. Sure, all these free Wi-Fi hotspots make life a little easier and keep your data plan under wraps. However, there are quite a few risks. Be aware, the biggest threat to free Wi-Fi is security. Hackers can position themselves between you and the connection so everything you do is recorded. Hackers can also use unsecured Wi-Fi connections to distribute damaging malware. If you allow file-sharing across a network from your computer, hackers can easily access your workstation and plan nasty little infections.

Stay safe where ever you roam. Take a few minutes to explore your computer options. Turn off file-sharing in your system preference or control panel and make sure to turn off your Wi-Fi connections when you’re done so they don’t reconnect when you’re not using your computer. We also recommend using a VPN or virtual private network to connect to your business. This will encrypt your data. That way, even if a hacker is present, they wouldn’t be able to read your data and more than likely would discard anything they were able to see or take. Need help? Give us a call. We can review your laptop settings to ensure they are just right for telecommuting. We’re here to help!