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Under Attack In 20 Minutes

by / Wednesday, 31 August 2016 / Published in News

Did you know that it only takes about 20 minutes online for an unprotected PC to come under attack?
Really, we didn’t just make this up. The Internet Storm Center researched it and published this statistic. In less time than most of us spend eating lunch, you could have your entire computer infected or at the very least attract some kind of malicious attack. So, what can you do to keep your entire office safe from such a large threat?

Put a firewall in place and keep it updated.
For many years now firewalls have been a physical fixture in server rooms or under desks in offices around the world. These small devices sure pack a powerful punch too. These days there are two types of firewalls available, the physical device or a software application that runs in the background. However, most businesses prefer the hardware models because the software can be cumbersome for the computers it is trying to protect and is more difficult to maintain on multiple machines.

As the name firewall implies… a firewall stands like a barrier between your computers and the Internet. Firewalls prevent unauthorized access to your company’s network. These devices help secure your information from dangerous threats online. Unfortunately, firewalls were not built to detect virus ridden
e-mails or stop the spread of a virus from one computer to another in your office.

Just one line of defense. 
A firewall should be just one component of your security plan. Alone, it will only take care of a portion of your risk. Coupling a firewall deployment with strong antivirus program, content filtering service, and ongoing monitoring is the best way to identify and stop dangerous activities on your network.

Don’t just stand there… Your firewall must be updated with the most recent lists of threats in order to keep fighting. Firewalls are designed to block unauthorized access while permitting outward communication. If the device is not updated regularly, it may not have the means to make good determinations about traffic.

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