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What Devices Should Your Company Buy?

by / Tuesday, 02 December 2014 / Published in News

For most companies looking to purchase workplace computers, the decision used to involve just two choices, a desktop workstation or a laptop. Today, there are a variety of additional options like tablets and smartphones. What should you buy?

The popularity of new portable devices has increased exponentially over the past decade. Smartphones have become a staple in society and tablets are a growing business productivity tool. So, what technology will inspire your employees?

We are not ginger bread people! More companies today are mixing things up. Instead of just buying standard workstations or smartphones for everyone, they are catering to the requests of their workers. There is no standard cookie cutter piece of technology that fits every worker’s needs. Offering a variety of options will allow users a more comfortable fit with their workplace tools and increase productivity.

Just ask… Is it really that easy?

Yes, it sure is. Encourage your staff to bring their ideas to a company meeting. Listen to their suggestions and work with your trusted IT advisors to develop a list of approved devices for your workplace. This approach allows you to present options that have the basic necessities for your company applications and fit your IT budget.