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What Is A PDF?

by / Tuesday, 14 November 2017 / Published in News

Anyone who has used a computer for long has likely encountered a PDF file. The ubiquitous file type is a must-have for exchanging files. So, what is it exactly?

What is a PDF? PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This document type was developed to gather all parts of a file (graphics and text elements) and fit them into one small file format that was easier to share and use. Because of the way PDF’s are created, they also retain formatting creating a universal viewing experience for recipients on any type of device.

Where did PDF files come from? According to, PDF files were originally introduced by Adobe in the early 1990’s and then released as an open format in 2008 which allowed anyone to create their own viewers and editors.

Why you should use PDF’s in business. Agreements, formal letters, and plan documents that you may not want fully editable can be better presented in the PDF format. Besides, today’s consumers are just as likely to open files on a smartphone or tablet as they are to view documents on a computer. The PDF format allows consistency across the board.