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What Is A Zero-Day Vulnerability?

by / Monday, 30 January 2017 / Published in News

You may have heard about the increasing number of zero-day vulnerabilities over the past year in the media. But, what does it mean for your business? A zero-day vulnerability refers to a hole in a piece of software that has not been discovered yet by the actual software vendor.

Why is this important? An increase of these zero-day vulnerabilities means that software in general is not as secure as it should be. These holes in the software offer a great entry for hackers to exploit. When the vulnerability is finally discovered, the software vendor will rush to fix it and offer patches to plug the hole. These flaws can be very dangerous for your business as they leave a backdoor open for attacks.

What can you do to fight a good fight? Keep all your equipment updated. Make sure to install regular updates and patches from vendors. This will help you prevent intrusions. If you aren’t sure if your computers, server or firewall are up-to-date, give us a call. We are happy to help.

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