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What’s The Difference Between Water-Resistant And Waterproof

by / Tuesday, 25 April 2017 / Published in News

I hate it when I am pulling paperwork off my desk in a rush for the next meeting and, “Oh no!” there goes my coffee. A flood of thoughts run through my mind, “Are my phone and keyboard ruined?”, “Do we have any rice in the office? I should really bring some in just in case…oh no! I’m late!”
Water-resistant or spill-proof technology.  There will always be mishaps at the office. Soda, coffee, and water are the three most common sills we see that plague electronics. Many of us have our tower and monitor tucked away or raised up a bit so these spills don’t bother them, but keyboards, mice and phones are often the victims. Water-resistant or spill-proof equipment simply indicates that water can get inside, but only under certain conditions. Regular liquid spills, rain and wet hands are generally “ok”. However, if fully submerging your phone for a few minutes, yes it will die.
Waterproof is really just a dream. Every device has its limits. Some are deep depths, but they will still fail eventually. So, be cautious around liquids and keep your devices dry. Nothing is a sure thing…